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Campaigns for Constituency elections are expensive and hard work, we need money and volunteers to get the best result when we stand candidates. If you can help us out, please do put some money into our bank account or use the donate button on the right. We will use as much of any money raised as possible on elections in London. Should we raise more than we can spend, we will set it aside for future London elections and other London campaigns. Information about the rules relating to donations to political parties in the UK is available in full from the Electoral Commission, and you can find our terms and conditions on the Pirate Party UK website.

What we use your money for:

  • We spend just under £1 to produce an ‘issue poster’ for the party.
  • We spend less than £5 a month to keep this site active and on the web.
  • It costs us £10 to produce 500 letters or targeted leaflets to deliver to people in London.
  • We will spend £500 on each deposit to stand candidates a parliamentary election (although we intend to get it back..)
  • It will cost us around £1,500 to produce the letters needed contact every voter in a constituency using the election mail out.
  • We will spend £1000 to produce and deliver additional information about our candidates and the Pirate Party to people in the constituencies we stand in.

What we need your help with:

Whilst we have a small dedicated team in London, as well as a good number of members, we need people to get involved in our campaigns. There are lots of things you can help with and any help you can give is appreciated. We need volunteers that will help with the following:

  • Tell people about the Party and why they should vote for the Pirate Party!
  • Help running stalls, we need you to tell others why you support the Pirate Party, helping out at a stall is a great way to do that.
  • Canvass and leaflet with us, we always knock on doors and we always talk to people, the more of us there are doing it, the more people we can make contact with.

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Funding our Campaigning

To put up a good fight and really get a London we deserve we need your support. If you want to donate, you can do so direct to our bank account using the following details:

Sort code: 404157
Account no: 00383120
Making sure to put 'Lndn' in the reference!

Help us!

We need your help to run successful campaigns and to bring our ideas to as many people as possible.. You can help by Joining the party:

Or getting in touch by phone on 0161 987 5944 or by email at campaigns@pirateparty.org.uk to volunteer or get involved.