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It’s finally here! – Thanks for helping us get this far (now please go and Vote Pirate)

To all who have helped, engaged with, and contacted the Pirate Party over the last few months - Thank You! As a voter in Vauxhall - I hope that you feel that the concerns and issues you raised have been heard and that you have had a response from all parties that enables you to make an informed and educated choice when voting tomorrow. Naturally I would encourage you to Vote Pirate in this election. I believe that the way in which we are engaging in democracy through crowd-sourcing our man...
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How would the Pirate Party’s crowdsourced manifesto help students?

The UK Pirate Party has just published its 2015 General Election manifesto, widely publicised as the first crowdsourced election manifesto in the UK. The party has been crowdsourcing its policy ever since 2011 when it launched the project ‘Steal This Manifesto’, using a dedicated subreddit to open discussion on what sort of policies they should adopt. Last month saw two and a half weeks of suggestions and debate on reddit and the Pirate Party community forums. Party members then voted on w...
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Vauxhall General Election Campaign – Your Help Needed

Mark Chapman is the Pirate Party's PPC for Vauxhall in the upcoming general election. Over the coming weeks we need to raise awareness with just under 76,000 electors about who we are and why they should vote for Mark. We need your help! It doesn't matter where you are, or how much or how little time you have, there are ways to help. Online Elections are old-fashioned affairs carried out in arguably tired traditional ways - but that doesn't have to be the case for us. We all have a v...
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Public Response: NHS Privatisation

Thank you for getting in touch with me about the NHS. For good reason, the NHS has an almost talismanic status in British political debate. Fundamentally I am in favour of the underlying principle of a national, universal health service which is free at the point of need. I have a young family and thanks to the NHS, I know I can take my children to my GP or hospital and have any issue dealt with quickly, professionally and without having to worry about how much it will cost. No-one should hav...
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Public Response: TTIP

Thank you for getting in touch with me about TTIP and the Pirate Party's response to it. As a party we have been consistent and vocal in our opposition to TTIP for well over a year now - it was one of the planks of our European Campaign last May. You can see our Campaign page on it here: https://www.pirateparty.org.uk/campaigns/issues/ttip-trading-away-our-rights This is how you can be sure that our opposition is genuine, principled and long-term. In our opinion, the fundamental and underlying...
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Pirate Party London – GE2015 Campaign Kick-Off – All Welcome!

Following the success of the Pirate Party's 'Un-Conference' in Salford, the London branch is bringing the best bits down South as well! It's clear that the Pirate Party is needed more than ever. From mass surveillance, restoring confidence in our broken democracy, making politics something everyone can take part in, challenging international agreements that threaten our freedoms, we're dealing with issues that other parties aren't. Come and join us to kick off the General Election campaign...
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Public Response: What would you do to crack down on ‘tax dodging’?

Thank you for getting in touch with me about fairness in our tax system, and specifically to ask about the Pirate Party’s plans to crack down on tax dodging. Millions of us have just finished our tax returns, doing our bit to support the NHS, education and pensions. We in the Pirate Party, like you, expect both business and wealthy individuals to do the same. Of course we know that hasn't been the case. Just the tax avoidance by Boots over 6 years would have paid for a staggering, and much...
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New Year, New Start, New Politics

Dear Londoner, Hope that you are well and a very Happy New Year to you. As I am sure that you are aware, there is a General Election in just 4 months time. That might sound like a long time, but I know that it will go very quickly indeed and we need to use that time as well as we can. We have already seen just a couple of days into the Year the main parties launching manifesto ideas and posters and it feels as though the 'unofficial' campaign has already begun in earnest. As the nominated ...
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Mark Chapman selected as GE2015 Candidate for Vauxhall

The London branch of the Pirate Party have selected Mark Chapman to stand as the Pirate candidate in the Vauxhall Constituency at the forthcoming General Election in 2015. Having introduced Pirate politics to Lambeth for the first time at the May 2014 elections by standing in the Vassall ward, Mark is seeking to build on the 1.4% share of the vote he received then. A local School Governor, member of his local residents association and father of 2 small boys Mark has lived in the Vauxhall Cons...
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Boris – Planning to be a part time Mayor

So one of the worst kept 'secrets' in London politics has finally been confirmed - London Mayor Boris Johnson is seeking a seat to stand in at the 2015 General Election. As he has also confirmed that he would serve out the remainder of his term as London Mayor it means that (if elected as an MP) he would spend a year combining the two jobs. Whilst Ken Livingstone did exactly the same thing the other way around as he was elected Mayor in 2000 whilst still an MP for Brent this highlights yet ag...
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