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It’s finally here! – Thanks for helping us get this far (now please go and Vote Pirate)

To all who have helped, engaged with, and contacted the Pirate Party over the last few months – Thank You!

As a voter in Vauxhall – I hope that you feel that the concerns and issues you raised have been heard and that you have had a response from all parties that enables you to make an informed and educated choice when voting tomorrow.

Naturally I would encourage you to Vote Pirate in this election. I believe that the way in which we are engaging in democracy through crowd-sourcing our manifesto, responding to communications from constituents and actually talking to voters on the doorsteps suggest a bringing back of politics to the people which is much needed in an environment of safe seats and a lack of trust in politicians in general.

I also believe that the issues which we have been highlighting specifically throughout this campaign – Mass Surveillance, Affordable Housing, Evidence Based Policy and Cycling Infrastructure are critical for the future of our country, the way in which politics affects us all and the way in which we ‘do’ politics as a country.

These are the reasons that I stood as a candidate, and these are the reasons that I would encourage you to Vote Pirate.

Having said that – it is Democracy which is the most important thing. Whatever you decide – it is your choice and I would just you encourage you if possible to make a positive choice for a candidate that you admire, rather than being frightened into voting against a party that you fear.

Above all, I would strongly encourage you to make a difference, make that journey to the polling station and cast a vote.

Thanks again for engaging in the democratic process, and for reference Polling Stations are open from 7am till 10pm. If you are unsure where to go you can find your local polling station listed on the Lambeth Council website.

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