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Dear Londoner,

Hope that you are well and a very Happy New Year to you. As I am sure that you are aware, there is a General Election in just 4 months time. That might sound like a long time, but I know that it will go very quickly indeed and we need to use that time as well as we can. We have already seen just a couple of days into the Year the main parties launching manifesto ideas and posters and it feels as though the ‘unofficial’ campaign has already begun in earnest.

As the nominated Pirate Party Candidate for the Vauxhall Constituency I am excited about the prospect of fighting for Pirate Policies in the heart of London. We might be a relatively minor party – but we have big ideas that are popular when we can get them across to people. Amongst many other things, we know that digital rights matter. We despair at the hammering civil liberties have taken under this coalition government. We know that politicians should be taking decisions in the long-term, not for short-term headlines. We want to get these ideas across to the people of Vauxhall and London and give them a reason to Vote Pirate but I need your help with a whole bunch of things – and the following is just a taster of what I have thought might be useful.

If you live in the Vauxhall constituency – please let me know! I’d love for you to be able to sign my Nomination forms (as well as Vote for me!) when the time comes so you really feel that you have been able to play your part locally. Before that, it’d be great to meet you and chat about what you care about locally – just let me know and we can arrange a local pub or coffee shop to meet in.

If you are able to help with leafleting, or manning a stall, or something similarly local then please let me know what time commitment you are able to give to this, and when and where is best for you – Saturday mornings at Oval, weekday evenings by Waterloo (just as a couple of potential examples!)

If you are the photographic type – we need good (high quality) photos of London scenes to use on the website and in leaflets. If this appeals to you, or you just happen to be passing then we’d love to have some photos of Parliament, of City Hall, the MI6 building at Vauxhall, Waterloo station, generic ‘London’ skylines – Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, St Paul’s etc. In addition, ‘normal’ pictures of everyday London are great as well – Buses, Boris Bikes, Cycle-superhighway’s, etc. etc.

If you are the literary type – we could really do with some blog-posts and comment pieces about your area of London, or your area of Piratical or Political interest. This is a really broad mandate, and can encompass anything from a genuinely local issue you want people to know about, or a response to something that is happening nationally. Whatever you draft I will read and potentially publish – it’d be great to have people talking about the communities in which they live and work, and what Pirate politics could do for them.

If you are the policy type – I am trying to come up with a local manifesto for Vauxhall. This is in addition to our ideas nationally, and will be things that matter locally, or local implementations of national policies. If you have ideas on this – for Vauxhall or London more widely, please pass them on!

If you are on Twitter – follow me (@Pirate_Lennon) and the main Pirate Party account (@PiratePartyUK) and encourage others to do so – spread the Pirate message and what we are doing both in London and nationally to your friends and the communities that you engage with. Connect and discuss with others in the Party on our community forum

In due course we will be needing to fundraise for leaflets, the constituency deposit and the like. I know that January is a notoriously bad time to be asking, but on the off-chance that you have some spare cash, then the party can always use your funding! (Donate Here)

If you are excited and enthused by the above and want to stand in your own area of London – great! The more the merrier, and I promise to help you as much as I can. Get in touch to find out more about what is involved, how you get started and what you need to do to get going.

Hopefully you can see that whatever your time commitment or area of expertise there is something that you can do to help, and with us all working together we can give Pirate Policies a real push in this election.

Whatever your response now – I make a commitment to get in touch again in due course letting you know what I have been doing in Vauxhall to push Pirate Politics, what else I need help with, and more ways in which you can get involved. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you – be that on Twitter, Email or in person!

Kind Regards,

Mark Chapman

Pirate Party PPC for Vauxhall

Originally posted as a ‘London Newsletter’ to the main Pirate Party site and emailed to London members and supporters who have signed up to receive such mailings. If you are not on that list, but would like to be, then please check your Pirate Party Member settings online, or get in touch.

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