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Pirate Party Candidate pledges support for ‘Space for Cycling’

MC - Bike - ParkAs a committed local cyclist and community campaigner, Pirate Party candidate for Vassall ward Mark Chapman is enthusiastically supporting  the London Cycling Campaigns ‘Space for Cycling’ campaign. In particular with respect to Vassall ward the campaign for improved cycling space on the streets around Myatts Field Park and St Gabriel’s College.

As a listening local resident and daily cyclist Mark knows that the streets around Myatt’s Fields Park should be made safer for cycling and walking, especially for pupils going to school at St Gabriel’s, which is spread across two sites in Vassall Ward: Cormont Road and Langton Road. Currently cars, delivery vehicles and lorries use these roads as a shortcut between Coldharbour Lane and Camberwell New Road, avoiding Camberwell town centre.

In addition to the single issue being raised by the Space for Cycling campaign, Mark would also seek to make other improvements for local  cyclists – including dealing more swiftly with pot-holed streets that can be dangerous to cycle on, increasing the provision of secure  on-street cycle storage for residents, and creating more labelled ‘quiet ways’ to give cyclists space.

Mark was the first candidate to have publically declared support for the Space for Cycling campaign in Vassall ward, so if this is an issue that matters to you – Vote Pirate! on May 22nd.

For more details on LCC’s Space for Cycling campaign and to pledge your support in Vassall ward go to: http://action.space4cycling.org/data/ward/1149

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